Get the Best Price for Your House by Adding Value

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With the housing market on the rise again, how can you make improvements to your home in order to secure yourself the best price?

See the Light

Making renovations will be a sure-fire way to add value to a property. For example: light will greatly enhance your potential buyers’ views on your property, so try to think of ways to maximise the light in your home. Knocking through to create an extended arch through two rooms will make a beautiful open plan space and create a stream of light that makes your property instantly more appealing.

From 3-Bed to 4

Can you extend the amount of rooms in your house by converting some dead space? Maybe your loft could serve an attic bedroom? Or if you have plenty of garden space then you could look at adding a conservatory, which brings light to your property and can serve as an extra family room, or study. If your kitchen is small and cramped then an extension may be the answer, as this may be the area which really lets down the property.

Green Appeal

These days, with energy companies charging higher annual prices, a lucrative selling point will be if your house has been adapted to be as energy-efficient as possible. Adding wall insulation, a new boiler and replacing drafty windows will all add value to your house. There are Government schemes in place to encourage people to carry out these works.

Make an Impact

It is thought that your bathroom and kitchen make the biggest impact on buyers when they come to view your property, in that case spend some time making these rooms look beautiful and ensure they function to the best of their ability.

Little addition, such as a heated towel rail, and a statement sink will transform a dingy old bathroom without a complete makeover.

Maybe you fancy getting minimalist by making the bathroom into a wet room, with a frameless glass shower door and tiled floor. This can open up the room and haul it into a fashionable era.

If you have the space then it always adds value to a house by building an en-suite bathroom. This will give the master bedroom a really opulent feel and will appeal to families.

Free Up Your Money  

Some people feel that investing in their property is a very good reason to make renovations, whether they want to sell now or in the future. Most people do not want to accumulate any more debt and so some look to remortgaging their house to pay for the renovations. There are a wide selection of deals available that could free up money in order to make your house more attractive to a buyer. A company like Quick Move Conveyancing can guide you through this process to ensure minimum stress and maximum results.

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