Would you give back money?

by Kristina on September 18, 2013 · 2 comments

Good morning Dinks.  I had an absolutely great money week because I received additional money on a refund and I got a huge discount on one of my purchases.  I just love when that happens to me – don’t you? But when money is given to you that is not yours there comes the inevitable question of should you keep it or should you give the money back?

I didn’t take it; the money was given to me so it’s not stolen right?

Two weeks ago I went to my hometown to visit my parents and my best friend.  To make a long story short my best friend and I did some shopping and I mailed myself a package because I didn’t want to carry all of my stuff back home with me on the train.  I paid a premium for my package to be delivered overnight and I paid to include $200 worth of insurance just in case the package didn’t arrive.

Well, in true post office fashion my package didn’t arrive the next day, it arrived two days later so I called the post office to get a refund on my shipping.  I gave the customer service representative my full name, address, the tracking number on my receipt as well as the total amount that I paid which was $20.11. The customer service representative apologized for the inconvenience and assured me that within 10 business days I will receive a check in the mail for the full amount.

I did in fact receive a cheque in the mail, but not for $20.11.  I received a check in the mail for $61.12.  What do you think I did – should I have called the post office or should I have just kept the money?

In true Kristina fashion, I deposited the check into my bank account and that is that. Would you have done the same?

Any discount is good, a 60% discount is even better!

Next weekend I am headed to Toronto for the Canadian Personal Finance Conference and I am travelling by train.  I originally booked my round trip ticket at the lowest fare which means I am not travelling at the most convenient times.  Both of my trains are longer than usual and after thinking about it I am really not looking forward to my trip – and that’s not good because I really love taking the train.

I decided to upgrade my tickets to first class in order to travel a little more comfortably and to travel at a more convenient time – all the cheaper tickets were sold out.  When I originally called the train customer service they told me that the upgrades and time changes would cost $80.

After thinking about the additional cost I am justifying it by telling myself that I always travel cheap – and that’s true. So I called back to reserve my new tickets.  The customer service representative told me that the difference owing with fees and taxes is $61. Score!

Friday I went to the train station to pick up my tickets and to pay the difference.  To my surprise I only owed $38.  This was my second good financial windfall of the week so I knew it had to be too good to be true. I gave the representative my confirmation number and told her twice that it should be $61.  I’m not sure what magic she worked but instead of owing $80 I only paid $38.  I love my money life this week.

Has something like this ever happened to you? Tell us! I love a good money story.

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1 Brock @CleverDude September 18, 2013 at 8:09 am

For the Train ticket, I might have asked at the time what the breakdown of the pricing was so I could understand why the amount owed was what it was…..but as for the refund check I suspect it would have been WAY more work than it was worth to get a straight answer from a government agency or try to rectify it if it was incorrect. :)

2 Kristina September 19, 2013 at 1:47 pm

Ah thanks Brock – now I feel better about keeping both :-)

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