Weekly roundup: Birthdays, Gifts and Good Times

by Kristina on June 7, 2013 · 3 comments

Happy Friday Dinks. This weekend marks the start of a very busy season for me, actually what I should say is that it marks the start of a very expensive season for me.  It all started a few weeks ago with Mother’s Day, but it gets really busy this weekend.  Within the next month I have my mother’s birthday, my sister’s birthday, Father’s Day and then my Dad’s birthday. Wow I am stressing out just thinking about it.  Oh and I forgot to add in the cost of my friends baby shower, which I am hosting.

I live approximately 7.5 hours away from my family so not only do I try to find the perfect gift for every occasion, I also have to find a gift that offers free shipping.  Right now I am into gift box subscriptions so for Mother’s Day and their birthdays my sister and my mother both received a box full of cosmetics in the mail.

What is your favourite gift to give?

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