Weekly roundup: Bad weather and summer vacations

by Kristina on June 28, 2013 · 3 comments

Happy Friday Dinks and welcome to the last Friday in June. Next weekend we celebrate the 4th of July and I am excited to say that Nick and I will be in lovely Niagara Falls for the celebration. I love a good fireworks display and no one does it better than Americans on the 4th of July.

June wasn’t a great weather month and I am hoping that July brings warmer climates. I know that hot humid weather can sometimes be uncomfortable but I will take +40 over -40 any day of the year. I think that is over 100 degrees Fahrenheit and sub zero.

I never understand why people from warm climates move to snowy, rainy cold climates but that’s just me. It never occurs to me that some people actually like the winter. I am Ukrainian-Canadian and let me tell you, I would die happy if I never lived through another winter. That is not to say that I want to pass away before next December, I just want to move to a warmer climate.

Do you prefer the warm or cold weather?

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