Weekly roundup: Bagels, Budgets and Pensions

by Kristina on March 8, 2013 · 0 comments

Happy Friday Dinks.

It’s that time of the week again, the time when our days at work get a little bit easier and we start counting down the minutes until 5 o’clock because we know that tomorrow we don’t have to wake up to our alarm clocks.

I love Fridays because I know that on Saturday morning I can have a home cooked breakfast and I can sleep in, two activities that I never get to do during the week.  I love having waffles, pancakes or French toast for breakfast on the weekends.  During the week my breakfasts usually include a banana, a yogurt and a bagel from the cafe near my work.

That has been my normal breakfast routine since I gave up Tim Horton’s (sort of a Canadian Dunkin Donuts) for Lent.  I used to get an egg and cheese breakfast sandwich every morning for breakfast, but then I decided to make the personal sacrifice to give up my Tim Horton’s morning eating habit for 40 days so now I order a bagel with jam from a cafe near my office building.

Last week I went in to the cafe to order my morning sesame bagel with strawberry jam and the woman charged me for the jam and then decided she could save a few bucks by only putting jam on one side of my bagel.  The woman thought that if she combined the two halves of my bagel that the jam from one side would rub off onto the other side and that I wouldn’t notice, but she was wrong, on both accounts.  I immediately decided to boycott the cafe in an angry personal protest. Now I have to wake up 15 minutes earlier to substitute my morning bagel with jam for a bowl of cereal.  Ah, the things we do to prove a point.

I can’t wait until lent is over so that I can go back to eating my egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches. However in the meantime I am saving at least $25 per week by not eating breakfast and snacks at Tim Horton’s and at the cafe near my office.

Thanks for listening Dinks, if you have ever had bad service, a service that you paid for, then I’m sure you understand.

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