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by James on December 18, 2012 · 2 comments


We haven’t blogged about this much recently, but reducing your expenses is one of those basic personal finance housekeeping tasks that pays to do periodically.

Since I was traveling over the past year and a half or so, and earning a good amount of money in Afghanistan, my wife Miel and I let our bi-monthly money meetings lapse.   Because of this we stopped monitoring our spending as closely as we have in the past.  As a result, we’d allowed our expenses to get a bit inflated.  So, over the past few weeks, we’ve been reducing our expenses.  So far we’ve:

1. Cancelled my gym membership: $110.00 dollars a month savings.  I hadn’t gone to the gym in months, but have been exercise by walking a couple of miles to work.  So, we didn’t really need to be dropping the cash every month.

2. Cancelled my Eve Online account: $7.98 per month savings.  EVE is a great science fiction game, but it wasn’t worth the time or the cash to maintain the account.

3. Cancelled my credit monitoring service: $19.99 per month savings.  You can get your credit report for free – no need to pay for it.  Also if you apply for a loan sometimes the bank will give you a copy of your credit.  In any event, there isn’t a whole lot to having good credit, you have to keep your debts low and pay your bills on time.

4. Closed one of our Netflix accounts: $9.98 per month savings.  We actually had two Netflix accounts.  This kind of didn’t make a whole of sense as we can just share one.

5. Cancelled payment on a web project we were working on: $17.83 in pocket per month.  We’ve periodically started a couple of smaller blogs, but this one didn’t take off due to lack of effort and interest on my part.  So, the domain name is now cancelled and we’re not forking over the cash.  Win.

6. Downgraded our cable: savings of $19.90.  For this one we switched from the premium service to cable basic.  It’s totally painless as we don’t watch a whole lot of cable anyways.  The real money saver would be to cancel it all together, but we actually enjoy watching the news and movies together.

Total savings: $185.68 per month.   While obviously two hundred dollars isn’t a whole lot, its certainly a lot easier to cut these expenses than to get out and hustle part time work.  It is also easy  just to make a few phone calls or spend some time on the internet to realize the savings.  Also, and this is perhaps the best part, I don’t miss any of the stuff I was dropping the cash on.  I feel leaner and a bit more self confident as a result.

On an annual basis it really adds up, that $2,228.16 per year or in excess of $20k over a longer period of time.

My wife Miel managed to keep our internet bill low, saving thousands of dollars over the years.  You may think it doesn’t make a difference, but you can negotiate, and it does add up!

If you’ve got any ideas about how to save more money, feel free to drop us a comment, we’d love to get your thoughts.

Hope your saving is going well.


James H.



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1 DC @ Young Adult Money December 18, 2012 at 11:02 am

Nice job James and Miel! That’s a lot of savings each month. We negotiated our cable bill lower (about $60 in savings/month). I also don’t get any magazine subscriptions: Online content is enough for me, plus I can check out just about anything from the library.

2 James December 18, 2012 at 7:32 pm

DC, for sure. I agree about the online content. You really don’t need a most of what is on cable TV these days.

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