What is your secret to success?

by Kristina on September 13, 2012 · 5 comments

Have you ever wondered why you are successful in some aspects of your life and maybe not so successful in others? I know that I have personal strengths which allow me to excel in some areas of both by personal life as well as in my career.  I also know that I can’t be great at everything; therefore I (try to) accept my defeats graciously.

Inc.com recently published an article titled “True Secret to Success (It’s Not What You Think)”.  I discovered Inc.com through LinkedIn and I wanted to share their thoughts on the secret to success with you all.

According to Inc.com the secret to success is not a skill that you can learn in school, it’s actually a personal emotion.  According to Inc.com the secret to success is gratitude.  If you live life with a sense of gratitude you appreciate the things that you have and you accept your defeats with a grain of salt.  If you have gratitude then you are a happy person and happiness is a sign of success.

People who don’t share gratitude are never truly happy.  They don’t appreciate their personal success with happiness; if you can never enjoy your success then of course you will never be truly happy.  Nobody likes to accept defeat, but if you accept your personal or professional defeats with gratitude you can learn from your mistakes and graciously move on.

I personally feel that the secret to success is a combination of both our personal skills and our personality.  If you have the type of personality that allows you to work towards your dreams and the skills that allow you to achieve your dreams then you will be successful in life.  However if you have mastered the skills but you don’t have the “go-getter” personality you will never have the passion to work towards your dreams.  Have you ever met someone who had the skills to be successful, but who just had a very bad attitude? People who feel everything should be handed to them because they have the required skills to be successful definitely lack gratitude.

The one thing that people have to realize when they are applying for a job (or writing a book, *hint hint*) is that hundreds of other people with the exact same skills and qualifications are doing the exact same thing. What sets us apart from the masses is our personality and our work ethic.  Our personalities will sell our skills.

5 Secrets for Success

1. Be Humble.  Having gratitude and being thankful for our opportunities makes us successful.

2. Be Honest. In our personal lives and in our professional lives we have to be honest, otherwise we could find ourselves in a tough situation with no way to get out of it.

3. Work Hard.  A great first impression can get us the job, but our hard work will allow us to keep the job.

4. Accept Defeat but Try Again.  Learning from our mistakes is a part of life.  The mistake is not the important part; the learning part is the secret to success.

5. Smile and Get Through It. No one likes a negative person. Even if you are having a bad day just smile and get through it. Being negative won’t get you anywhere and it won’t help your day get better.

What is your secret to success?


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