FinCon Follow Up: Part 1 – The Cost

by Kristina on September 17, 2012 · 2 comments

Happy Monday Morning Dinks. I have officially been home from FinCon for one week and after a somewhat traumatizing experience in Denver, Colorado I am ready to share my experience. The elevation in Denver, Colorado was not pleasant. However after 6 migraine pills, a litre of water, and 13 hours of sleep I was ready for Day 2 of FinCon.  I attended a total of 10 sessions throughout the weekend which included Alternative Monetization Ideas for your Blog with Kylie Ofiu, Secrets of a 7-Figure Blogger with Ramit Sethi, and How to Land Big Corporate Campaigns with Will Chen from Wise Bread.

Here is breakdown of my FinCon costs:

FinCon Conference Ticket: $149

2 Night Stay at the Denver Grand Hyatt: $241 including a $16 dollar French toast breakfast in bed one morning.  The Denver Grand Hyatt is a great hotel and I would recommend it to anyone visiting Denver, although I would not recommend visiting Denver as a city if you don’t have to.

Round Trip Flight on United Airlines: $100 because I used frequent flyer miles and therefore I only had to pay the taxes and airline fuel charges.

Total Spending: $400 which includes meals, airport baggage costs, transportation costs to and from the airports, and personal shopping.  This total includes $180 in cash spending and $220 on my TD Bank Debit Visa card. No interest costs and no credit card spending.

Total Cost for FinCon: $890

That may seem like a lot of money for a financial professional and a personal finance blogger to spend in only 3 days.  You are probably asking yourself the exact same question that I asked myself when I got home from FinCon in Denver, Colorado…could I have spent less money?

Yes, of course I could have spent less money.  I could have saved $44 if I had taken the bus to and from the airports in both my city of Montreal and in the conference city of Denver.  However the convenience of taking a taxi cab or shuttle service was worth the cost of not getting lost or delayed on public transportation.

I could have saved at least $100 on food if I would have eaten at the conference events and packed snacks for the airport.  However, I am a vegetarian and my eating habits are naturally picky, so I prefer to take a break from the conference and eat foods that I love.  I am also the type of person who will do anything for an extra 15 minutes of sleep; I got an extra hour of sleep every morning by eating in my room instead of eating at the scheduled conference breakfasts. But that’s just me.

I could have definitely saved money on my personal spending but I like to take advantage of my time spent in the U.S. I love shopping in the U.S. because there are so many stores and products that are just not available in Canada. I bought my favourite Dream Angels Heavenly Perfume from Victoria’s Secret, I bought a bottle of Ciroc vodka for my boyfriend Nick, I spent $55 on candles and body wash at Bath & Body Works, and I also bought an NBA Denver Nuggets T-shirt for my boyfriend Nick. I spent most of my money shopping at Rite Aid and Walgreens because there are a lot of cosmetics and grocery items that are not available in Canada. I came home with 5 different boxes of cereal including two boxes of Coco Puffs and a box of Wheaties.

Photo by audrey belenko