Happy 2 Year Anniversary DINKS!

by Kristina on May 17, 2012 · 1 comment

Good Morning DINKS and Happy Anniversary. Can you believe how quickly time flies by when we are busy dealing with life? I honestly can’t believe that we first met over two years ago and we have been interacting daily ever since. I hope you have all enjoyed reading DINKS Finance over the past two years as much as I have enjoyed writing for you.  I just wanted to personally take a moment to thank you all for welcoming me (and my boyfriend Nick) into the DINKS community; we definitely love being a part of it all.

Over the past two years DINKS Finance has made some great friends online who I am looking forward to meeting in person at FinCon12 in Denver Colorado this September.  The Financial Blogger Conference is being held from September 6th to 9th in Denver Colorado. There are several financial bloggers, financial authors, media enthusiasts and financial professionals who will be attending this year’s conference.  You can buy your ticket to FinCon12 as well as book your hotel room for the conference directly from The Financial Blogger Conference website.  I hope to see you all there.

I enjoy interacting with all of our readers at DINKS Finance because DINKS is a platform for us to share our personal knowledge, experiences, and stories.  I love that I am able to share my personal experiences from my daily work in the financial services industry, and I love that you are all open to sharing your own personal experiences as consumers. You have been with us over the last two years as we discussed everything from family matters, retirement planning, savings strategies, and paying off our debt here on DINKS Finance.  We have also had some fun together as we played Financial Truth or Dare and uncovered some of our personal financial secrets.

Last year for our 1 year anniversary we shared some of our favourite posts, and this year I would love to do it again.  Here are two of my favourite DINKS Finance posts from this past year.

Last July we published a post titled “Sovereign Citizens Don’t Pay Taxes or Parking Tickets”.  Needless to say we received a lot of comments from readers who argued both the advantages and disadvantages behind the idea of becoming a Sovereign Citizen.  The one aspect about this post that I really love is the fact that two different people can be in the exact same situation and see the benefit (or lack thereof) totally different.  Some Americans are very patriotic and firmly believe in the power of the American Government.  On the other hand some American’s absolutely believe in their right to be completely independent from their Government.

In February we published a post titled “Why Do You Save Money?” I love this post because saving money is something that we all may have in common; it’s extremely interesting to know the reasons and motivation behind why we all do it.

So once again DINK reader’s thank you for making these past 2 years memorable and I definitely look forward to the next 2 years.  If you love reading DINKS Finance and you want to keep in touch more often follow us on Twitter @dinks_finance

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1 Modest Money May 17, 2012 at 12:40 pm

Happy 2 year blogging anniversary! That is a great accomplishment considering all the work that goes into blogging. Keep up the awesome work!

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