Friday Roundup: The “B” Word, Fun Hobbies, and Our Homes

by Kristina on January 13, 2012 · 1 comment

stack of coinsHappy Friday DINKS.  Today is Friday January 13th and that can be a good or bad thing depending on your superstitious beliefs.  If you think that Friday the 13th brings good luck then I wish you all the best today.  If you think that Friday the 13th brings bad luck then I hope that Freddy Kruger doesn’t get to you.

Today we have rounded up our favourite posts from around the web for your reading pleasure.

Enjoy these posts and Have a Great Weekend!

– Brent @ The Simple Dollar shares his first rule of personal finance in the post “Spend Less Than You Earn” A happy financial life starts with our spending and ends with our income.  Check out this post to see how The Simple Dollar can help you become financially healthy and in control of your money.

– Elle @ Couple Money examines one of finances darker sides and asks the question “Is Bankruptcy Sinful and Bad or Right and Moral?”

– Donna Freedman @ MSN Money tells us that our social life doesn’t have to suffer if we decide to tighten our budget in the post “Fun things for when you’re broke” January and February can be a very expensive time of the year as we pay off all the debt that we accumulated throughout the holidays.  Donna Freedman helps us have fun and stay on budget

– J. Money @ Budgets Are Sexy talks about home ownership, property taxes, and land valuations in the post “A Perk of The Crap Economy?”

– Rob @ Dough Roller helps us stay on track with our personal goals in the post “5 Tools To Keep Your New Year’s Resolution in Check”  So often is the case that we make New Year’s resolutions and completely forget  about them 30 days later. Let Dough Roller help you stay on track.

– Dink Life asks a very important question for all couples, they want to know “Are you Successful in Balancing Your Spouse with Your Career?”

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