Friday Roundup: Budgets, Couples, and The New Year

by Kristina on January 6, 2012 · 4 comments

Happy First Friday of the New Year DINKS.  I would like to personally wish you all the best of love, health, and money in 2012.  Today we are rounding up our favourite posts for you from our favourite personal finance bloggers around the web as well as from the websites in our new partnerships.

I hope you had a great first week of 2102. I certainly did. This week I only worked from Wednesday to Friday because the bank was closed on both Monday and Tuesday.  To top it all off my boss was on vacation all week; so overall I had an excellent start to 2012.

Enjoy these posts DINKS and have a great weekend!

Go Banking Rates asks “Can Your Budget Survive the Office Party?” They discuss the added costs during the holidays and into the New Year that come with spending at our workplace.

20 and Engaged tells a heart warming story about a couple who finds a long lost special item in the post “Couple Retrieves Long Lost Engagement Ring”.  I personally don’t have an engagement ring so I can’t relate to the sentiment, but that’s just me.

Bankrate answers reader Questions about the benefits of Home Equity Loans in the post “Home equity investment not risk-free”

Enemy of Debt reviews the past year as he looks forward in the post “End of the Year Inspiration for a Successful 2012”

Money Infant  will make you think differently about spending money in the post “13 Reasons NOT To Have A Budget”

Dollar Versity shows us the difference between cutting expenses, increasing our savings, as well as increasing our income in the post “Saving vs. Earning More & Their Roles In Wealth Building”

Retire by 40 helps us manage our money, plan our budget, and save more in the post “Live On One Pay Check”


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