DINKS vs. Single Income Couples

by Kristina on January 2, 2012 · 17 comments

flintstones coupleAs DINKS we are lucky enough to be in a couple where both people work and both people earn an income; it is beyond my financial comprehension why anyone would want to give up the DINK lifestyle, either to have kids or to become a single income couple.

I have a client who is kind of a jackass and who is currently in a DINK couple, but not for long.  My client recently booked an appointment to see me this week because he and his wife have decided that she will stop working and stay at home (to do what exactly I am not sure). Although he said that it was a couple’s decision, my hunch is that it is really my client who wants the bragging rights of being the sole provider for his wife. My client is planning to become the sole income provider for their currently DINK household and this is definitely a proud moment for him, that’s just the kind of guy he is.

My client and his DINK wife are not planning to have kids and they are not planning to change their living situation, they are just planning to stop being DINKS and become a single income couple.  When I asked my client why his wife wants to stop working he replied “I want her to stop working because I make enough money for us both.” Honestly, I am not sure how I feel about his comment.

Actually I know exactly how I feel about his comment, my initial thought was “How much money is enough money?” and my initial question was “Why would someone ever let someone else tell them how to live their life?”  However of course I did not ask my questions because during my 9-5 as a personal financial planner I am not able to have my own personal opinion. With a smile on my face I professionally replied “Ok let’s go over your household budget and tell me about when your wife is planning to make this change?”

In my opinion just because a couple can “afford” to live off of one person’s income doesn’t necessarily mean that we should. Affording to do something means having enough money to do so and still be able to live comfortably. But if we can do that with only one person’s income doesn’t it make more sense to still have a second income and completely save it? I am also not sure why a wife would allow her husband to tell her that she is going to stop working. And while we are asking questions, why the hell would anyone want to stay at home all day?

Maybe it’s a male ego thing or maybe my client has a male inferiority complex, this is a concept that I just don’t understand. I know that historically men were “supposed” to take of their wives and the wives were “supposed” to take care of home; but this is not Bedrock people.  Just in case my client and his wife are not aware of the current times…its 2011, it is ok for women to be successful and ambitious, and in case you haven’t heard we can also vote!

Would you ever give up your DINK lifestyle because your spouse asked you to?

Photo by Ewen