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by Kristina on August 11, 2011 · 0 comments

Over the past year and a half we have had some funny, informative, supportive, and less than friendly comments from our loyal readers.  Here are some of my favorite comments from DINKS readers, did you make the list?

On October 20, 2010 Jaadyn made a comment on the post Our Parents Estate.  This is a post that discusses the importance of talking to our parents about their final wishes.  Sometimes our parent’s final wishes can be less than favourable when parents get divorced and a step parent enters the picture.  My Step Witch aka My Dads Girlfriend specifically stated in her Will that my Dad must move out of their house within 6 months after her death, and she wants all of the jewelry that she gave to him over the years gifted to her daughters.

The reason I like this comment is because many of the comments on this post focused on the posts negative tone and my dislike for the Step Witch, it was a relief to see that Jaadyn feels the same way that I do about my Dads relationship.

This is Jaadyn’s Comment:

“Normally, I don’t comment on blogs but I have to say, your evil step mom is a bad word that rhymes with runt. I enjoy reading your blog I would like to say that I find it really informative and funny. This whole thing with your dad and this lady pisses me off, he deserves better. Those will requests are just mean and really show how she doesn’t truly love him. Just my two cents.”

On June 23, 2010 we posted DINKS: Smart or Selfish? This post quickly became one of our most popular posts.  There have been over 90 comments on this post and over a year later the comments keep coming.  MOM of 3 is a wife and mother of 3 kids. This is one of my favorite comments on this post because MOMof3 tells us she is a mother but then she goes on to list 17 reasons why people should not have children.

Here is MOMof 3’s comment:

“Don’t have kids.  When you have kids,
1. You can’t eat, sleep, or go to the restroom whenever you want.
2. You can’t have the career that you want
3. Huge expense… not only to raise kids… but also for having reduced income
4. You always eat the left overs
5. Can’t dine at fine restaurants
6. Can’t take a nap whenever you want
7. You will always be tired
8. You will not have time for friends
9. You have to cook 3 meals a day, plus provide snacks
10. You have triple the laundry
11. You have to do triple the dishes
12. You are basically a housemaid, cook, doctor, teacher, psychologist, driver, shopper
13. You will have more arguments with your husband
14. You are more likely to get divorced when you have kids
15. You are more likely to end up in poverty
16. You will have less quality of life
17. Your health will decline”

On November 17, 2010 the post When Do We Have Enough Money? discussed the dilemma of adult children taking money from their parents.  I was specifically referring to the fact that my Dad’s Girlfriend aka the Step Witch is still financially supporting her two grown adult children who are now in their forties. Marie made a comment about my negative comments. This is exactly what I love about DINKS readers, you always tell it like you see it, you say what you feel, and you never sugar coat anything!

This is Maries comment:

“I am starting to think that you are the real witch.”

On November 5 Michele made a comment on the post A Financial Burden: Do Children Equal Debt? that would later inspire me to write a follow up post. Michele feels that children are definitely a financial burden, and that is because parents inflict that burden upon themselves.

Here is Michele’s comment:

“As a DINK with no plans to become a parent, I do take issue with your post a little bit. There are a lot of reasons why my husband and I have decided that kids are (probably) not for us, and the financial considerations are definitely high on that list.

I also take issue with your assertion that “when we have a child, we become financially responsible for them for the rest of our lives,” because again, it’s just not true. Some people might FEEL like they’re responsible for their children financially, even once they become adults capable of supporting themselves, and some people might actually WANT to be, but nobody actually IS. Many a parent has cut their adult children off financially at age 18 (including my own) and there ain’t nothing wrong with that.”

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