Friday Roundup: Product Reviews and Recommendations

by Kristina on August 19, 2011 · 5 comments

Happy Friday DINKS! Today we are using the wonders of social media to learn about new products.  Have you heard of a product or service but you have not yet tried it because you aren’t sure if it’s worth the price? Please allow DINKS and the online Personal Finance community to help you. Here are some of the best reviews from around the web about everything from Virtual Bank Accounts to a new 3D Television.

I hope you enjoy reading our reviews. If you have a favourite product or service please post a comment and let us know.  Have a great weekend DINKS!

- Amber @ Blonde and Balanced reviews the virtual convenience of online banking in her post ING Direct Review.

- Dave @ 50 Plus Finance reviews the cash back rewards of an online banking in his post Perk Street Financial Review.

Young and Thrifty reviews one of her two Self Serve Online Brokerage Accounts in the post BMO Investor Line Review.

 Dad  reviews and recommends four different virtual banks in his post the Best Online Banks.

- JD Roth @ Get Rich Slowly discusses his personal finance bookshelf in the oldie but goodie post Building a Personal Finance Library: 25 of the Best Books About Money. Do you have any of these books? What is your favourite Personal Finance Book?

- Brad @ Enemy of Debt weighs the pros and cons of Netflix’s recent fee changes in the post “Is Netflix Really the Devil?” Are you still a Netflix client?

Money Crashers reviews new digital technology in the post What Is Roku-Review of Streaming Digital Media Player.

Moneyville  helps consumers with their new television dilemma in the post Which 3DTV is the best to buy? I honestly don’t understand why people buy electronics just because a new model or technology has been released.  I definitely understand buying a new model when our old one doesn’t work anymore, but buying something just for the sake of it being new is beyond my comprehension.


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