Money Dilemma or Moral Dilemma

by Kristina on July 26, 2011 · 0 comments

Good Morning DINKS. Today we are discussing exactly how far we would go to make money.  We aren’t talking about stealing money or about taking anything that is not ours, we are talking about moral and immoral ways to earn our own money.  Would you lie to your spouse about where money came from? Would you hide money from your spouse that you earned immorally? We will see!

A recent scandal to hit the news worldwide is the Rupert Murdoch newspaper scandal involving obtaining confidential information illegally, and definitely immorally.  Illegally obtaining confidential information gave Rupert Murdoch the headlines that he needed to sell newspapers and make a lot of money with News of the World. Because they immorally obtained confidential information by hacking into the private phone lines of citizens, News of the World was the first newspaper to publish breaking news stories. Although Rupert Murdoch claims to have no prior knowledge of the illegally obtained information and phone hacking scandal he recently decided to stop printing the newspaper.

The financial services industry has also seen its share of immoral activities for the personal gain of some dishonest people. I absolutely understand that it may be tempting to indulge ourselves in the wealth of others, but once again the impact can be catastrophic.  Investment Brokers are paid a commission on a per transaction basis, this could sometimes bring up the moral question if they are really carrying out business in their clients best interest. We are discussing making immoral transactions for a personal profit; we are not even talking about the many Financial Advisors who have actually stolen money from their clients for their own personal gain and use.

So many financial and news media scandals are tragic because innocent bystanders are indirectly impacted. The Rupert Murdoch scandal impacted hundreds of employees as well as Rupert Murdoch’s family media empire.  This could be a very disastrous ending to a family man’s life work.

As DINKS we all have a special someone in our lives. Would you still take the risk of profiting from immoral activities if you knew that the repercussions could also impact your spouse? I can definitely say the answer is no.  I may act on my own behalf, but I would never put my boyfriend Nick in harm’s way, even if it meant we were poor and not rich.

Would you obtain information illegally or profit from the loss of others for your own personal gain? Would you do it if there was no way you could ever be caught? We all love money and everyone hustles for their own personal gain; but there is a difference from having a side hustle and hustling on the side.

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