My Alarm Clock, My Lunch, and My Favorite Day of the Week

by Kristina on May 6, 2011 · 2 comments

alarm clockHappy Friday DINKS! I hope you had a great week.  If there is one thing that I hate about waking up in the morning it is waking up to the sound of my alarm clock. However, I absolutely love waking up on Friday mornings because I know that my weekend is starting in approximately 8 hours. My work on Fridays seems to be a bit easier and the day seems to pass by a lot faster because I am looking forward to the weekend.

I also love Fridays because they are my Financially Free Days. On Fridays I eat out for lunch at work, every Friday I spend a max of $10 on my lunch.  I bring my homemade lunch to work every other day of the week, so on Friday it’s nice to just wake up and get going without having to make my lunch.

Do you have a regular Friday routine?

On Fridays I try to spend some money on myself, if I want to I buy something that is just for me, something that is not for our apartment and not for daily couple living.  On Fridays I buy something that I have wanted all week long that is just for me. The reason I do this is to avoid impulse purchases.

If I see something on Monday and if I still want it by Friday then I buy it.  If I haven’t talked myself out of the purchase with reasons why I don’t need the item then it was meant to be.  A week delay also allows time for my item to go on sale.  Last Monday I saw a new beige business suit on my lunch hour, and when I went back on Friday to buy it the suit was half price.  I just saved $125 by waiting a week to buy my suit because the suit was on sale for half price from $250.  Any day that I can save $125 is a good day in my financial books.

What are you doing this weekend?

Here are some posts from around the web about how other Personal Finance Bloggers will be spending their weekend:

Brooklyn Bitches on a Budget is a website about living a fabulous life in Brooklyn on a low budget.  They often discuss inexpensive local restaurant hot spots as well as do it yourself cheap recipes for cooking and eating at home.  They start their weekend with a Weekend Wish List.  This week it includes having drinks with friends and shopping for thank you notes.

Canadian Finance Blog tells us to save money doing the things we love and eliminating the things we don’t love.  Very often we spend money to be social on activities that we don’t really want to do.

Photo by Alan Clevar

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1 Amy May 6, 2011 at 2:06 pm

Spending Mother’s Day weekend on the California coast, in and around Cambria and visiting with my parents.

2 Kristina May 8, 2011 at 10:10 am

I love California! Sunshine, the Ocean, and The Price is Right…what’s not to love! Happy Mother’s Day Everyone!

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