May Love Drop: Let’s Show The Stalnaker Family Some Love

by Kristina on May 11, 2011 · 1 comment

Good Morning DINKS! It’s May and The Love Drop team is at it again! Last month Love Drop gave over $6,000 worth of cash and goods to the Kahlen family.  They have been going through financially hard times due to the economy; their daughter is also currently battling Tuberous Sclerosis. Love Drop focused on the Kahlen family’s love of spending time together, and brought them over 8 pairs of tickets to local events and attractions. It was definitely awesome! You can watch the Kahlen family Love Drop here.

This month Love Drop is supporting the Stalnakers.  They are a family who, along with thousands of others along the gulf coast, are still recovering from the effects and aftermath of the BP oil spill.  Love Drops goal this month is to get the Stalnaker family a reliable used car. Their car died a while ago and they have since been borrowing a car from a friend.  However, it’s getting harder and harder for the Stalnakers to manage their time while using a borrowed car. They’ve been giving back to their community for several years, and now it’s time for the Love Drop community to help them!

Here are three ways you can join Love Drop and help the Stalnaker Family:

  • Help them get a car! – Our #1 goal is to give them a reliable used car in decent working order. If you have any connections or discounts in the automobile industry please email Love Drop ASAP.
  • Give a Gift or Service – Gift cards for places like Target, Wal-mart, and family restaurants would definitely help them out. Services are great too. If you have a service to offer please let Love Drop know, everything from personal nutrition to personal finance is helpful.
  • Give $$$$ – This money will help get them back on their feet, and relieve some of their financial burden.  Every dollar counts!  Monthly contributions start at only $1.00.  Do you have $1 per month to spare?

Love Drop is trying to increase their giving capacity for each family every month and they need our help.  Love Drop is currently searching for local businesses that will make a regular contribution each month just as personal members do.

Most personal Love Drop members contribute $5-$20 per month, and they’re happy to pay that small amount to make a huge impact and see exactly where their money goes.

Love Drop wants to get in contact with small and medium sized businesses to see if they would be happy to contribute $50-$200 per month to be a continuous part of the Love Drop community. Businesses that join will get recognition on the Love Drop website.

Love Drop wants our help to get in touch with companies who have a strong involvement in community activities, or who just want to give back in general. If you own a business or if you know some business owners please talk to them about Love Drop.  Ask them to spend a dollar and change a life. Please send all information by email to Love Drop which includes the Company Name, Company Website, Contact Name and Title, along with the Contact Email Address.  Love Drop will contact them to discuss different contribution opportunities.

Thank you for your continuous help. Love Drop couldn’t give to families in need without help from the Love Drop community and its members.


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