Friday Roundup: It’s Time To Buy a House

by Kristina on May 20, 2011 · 2 comments

Happy Friday DINKS!  It’s May and that means that house hunting season has begun.  The spring is a popular time to buy a home because the cold winter weather is long behind us, and the hot sweaty summer has not yet begun.

Are you planning to buy your first house or another house this Spring? If so then you may want to check out the links below that discuss everything about the process of buying a home, from looking for a good Real Estate Agent to whether home ownership is really a good investment for you.

Like most personal finance decisions, real estate is a personal investment and a personal choice.  While buying a home may be the right decision for one investor, it may not be the right financial decision for another investor.  Some investors choose to buy several properties that provide them with regular revenue, while other investors prefer to buy only their primary family home.  For some investors a single family home may be the right purchase for them, and for other investors a condo may be the smarter financial decision.

Check out these posts that we found around the web that discuss everything about buying a home:

  • Money Crashers tells us How to Find a Great Real Estate Agent You Can Trust
  • Green Panda Tree House gives us 5 Steps to Buy a House Soon
  • DINKS discusses Working with a Real Estate Pro When Buying a Home with a post by our friend Laura Adams
  • The Financial Blogger offers an alternate opinion as he tells us Why Real Estate May Not Be The Greatest Investment
  • 50 Plus Finance gives us tips on How to Avoid The Dreaded 6% Real Estate Commission

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