My Friends Make Me Spend Money

by Kristina on February 15, 2011 · 4 comments

This past week I was going over my weekly spending and I noticed a very specific spending pattern.  I always spend money with the same people.  Other than the regular spending for my daily living such as groceries, and other amenities that keep my household running, I noticed a very specific spending pattern. I always spend my personal disposable income with the same three individual people.

Who Makes You Spend Money?

My Movie Friend Bonnie. Bonnie and I have been friends for almost 4 years, and one thing that we share in common is our love for watching movies.  Bonnie and I see a movie together about twice a month. Each time we go to the movies we spend $12.75 each on a movie ticket.  We buy movie food which usually includes soft drinks, popcorn, and some type of chocolate.  The combo we usually buy is $22.50. This means that if we don’t go out for dinner or go shopping before or after the movie we each spend $24.

This could include up to another $15 to $20 if we do decide to go out and eat before or after the movie.  Of course it would be cheaper if we waited for the DVD to be released, but we both love going to the movies.

Sometimes going to the movies with Bonnie is an all day event that can also include shopping.  Bonnie and I also share a love for books. Sometimes before our movie or after dinner we spend hours browsing around book stores.  We share a love for books, but we don’t share a preference for our favourite bookstore.  Therefore in one day we can shop at two or three different bookstores.

My Food Colleague Anthony. Anthony and I became instant friends over our mutual love for food and everything edible.  Anthony is an Account Manager at the bank branch where I work.  Anthony and I eat out for lunch once or twice a week.  Each time we order food to our office it costs us at least $10 each, twice a week.  This is another $20 that I spend each week that I should save. However, I like to eat. I like it even more that I don’t have to carry my lunch to work two out of five days.

My Travel Friend Gabriella. Gabriella is my friend who makes me spend money on the finer things in life. She and I are also friends from work, but she works in a different bank branch than I do.  We are both financial planners but we work in different bank branches.  Gabriella is my friend with whom I share all things girly including shopping, music and travelling to beautiful places.

Gabriella and I share a love for music.  We especially love the ambiance of live music.  We have been to several concerts together, and we have two others already scheduled for this year. We are planning to travel to Portugal together in late August.  Gabriella travels about 4 times a year and we have made a New Year’s Resolution that one of those times will be together. We have the same taste for luxury travelling, and we share common interests; so it only makes sense that we travel together.

If you had a different group of friends or if you worked in a different office would you spend less money?

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