Market & Economy Predictions for 2011

by Kristina on January 11, 2011 · 0 comments

As we are now in 2011 it is time to look back on our successes and failures of 2010, and look forward to our goals in the future.  I am sure that we all secretly hope for different things in the New Year; whether they are best for the economy, or for our personal finances, we all want something great for our financial future.

For my own personal finances, I hope that my gut instinct about the growth of Emerging Markets is correct.  I would love to see Emerging Markets step to the financial forefront of our global economy. In my personal opinion we should watch out for Brazil, India, China, and Russia.  I own some Emerging Market Mutual Funds in one of my Investment Accounts and for my own prosperity I hope that Emerging Markets grow.

For the country, I hope that our economy grows stronger.  I hope that we start exporting more homemade goods and start importing less foreign goods.  I would love to see more products being Made in America, and still being sold at reasonable prices to the masses.  I hope that jobs are created and people can afford to buy and keep their homes.  (I would also like world peaceJ)

CNN recently published an article about the future of our Economy and the future of Fortune 500 companies. The 5 men interviewed were the CEOs of CA Technologies, Direct TV Group, Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance, Valero, and Dominion Resources.

All 5 men confirmed that they plan to hire in 2011.  Jobs will be created and hopefully they will be in America.  I agree that outsourcing keeps costs down, but it killing the American economy.

Direct TV Group confirms that they are expanding their business internationally.  They will be growing in Latin America.  This is good because Direct TV Group will remain American owned, but they will expand their market share into the fast growing economy in Latin America.

It is always good when American companies expand into foreign markets, but at the same time they continue to be American owned.  It may not be so great for the local market of the foreign country, because an international company acquires their local market share which could otherwise be owned by a local company.  However, if that local company does not have the resources to produce the service needed, it is a great opportunity for American companies to move in.

I believe that businesses and companies should provide products and services to their home/local markets as a priority.  We should only look to foreign companies to import the products and services if a local company cannot provide what they need.

What would you like to see the market and economy do in 2011? Whether it is for personal reasons or for the well being of all Americans, what would you like to see happen in our market in 2011?

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