Is Money Directly Related to Power?

by Kristina on January 13, 2011 · 6 comments

Think of the most powerful person in the US. Now, think of the richest person in the US. Were your answers the same? Is the most powerful person in the United States a rich business mogul such as the owner of a television network, or the CEO of a technology giant? Or is the most powerful person in the US the countries current leader President Barak Obama? Very often I think that we directly associate money with power, and I am not sure that the two are (or should be) directly related.

When we have a lot of money we have the power through financial contributions to influence the opinions and actions of others.  But does money always directly relate to power? In my opinion, the President of the United States is the most powerful man in the country, but he isn’t necessarily the richest man in the country.

What we need to think about are the men and women behind the scenes who financially contribute to President Obama’s campaign. The contributions of these people fund the causes that President Obama supports. Or, maybe they provide financial contributions to the President in order for him to support certain causes.  Are those the real people who control our country because their financial contributions influence the people in power?

The exact same philosophy applies to our personal relationships, just as it does in any business relationship. The person with more money indirectly (and sometimes directly) controls the relationship. As DINKS we all work, just as our spouse works, and we both earn a monthly income. However, our incomes are probably not exactly the same. Think about the last time you took a vacation with your spouse.  Was the destination the choice of the person who paid for the trip? Think about the last time you ate out at a restaurant. Did you eat at a restaurant chosen by the spouse who paid for the meal?

In relationships, does money always equal power? I hate when women say that they chose to stay home.  Translation…my husband makes a lot of money and he wants me to stay home. He wants me to work on my tan and keep fit, so he can show me off at his work functions. Why would anyone choose to stay home all day, especially if they don’t have kids?  In my opinion, housewives are just another piece of property for their controlling husbands to manage. But again, that is only my opinion.

I could never imagine not having my own income.  I could never imagine having to ask my boyfriend Nick for money every time I needed, or wanted to buy something.  That is definitely a foreign concept for me, as I am sure it is for a lot of us. This brings up another question, if one person in a couple is earning more money than the other, does he or she automatically have the power to make all financial decisions for the household?

In my opinion, people can never have enough money.  If one person in a couple earns more income than their spouse, there will always be an imbalance, but there doesn’t necessarily need to be inequality.

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