Our Better Halves

by Kristina on August 11, 2010 · 0 comments

Our spouses can either directly or indirectly influence our everyday decisions. Whether we eat in or dine out is influenced by our spouse.  Where we decide to take our next vacation is also influenced by our spouse.

Some of us, like myself and my boyfriend Nick, have been DINKS for a while. Some others of us, such as my sister Tara and her boyfriend are Newly-DINKS.

Adjusting to DINK life may not always be easy.

When we make the adjustment from a single person to a DINK many aspects of our lives will change. As we merge two lives into one our living situation will change along with other aspects of our lives such as our grocery bill and home furnishings. Our finances will also need to adjust accordingly. How has being a DINK influenced your financial habits?

I personally believe that being in a relationship is great, and being a DINK is a great financial decision.

I enjoy having someone to share my dreams with as well as the monthly costs.  Money is not the primary focus in my relationship with Nick; however, it is a contributing factor to our relationship.

Do you spend as much as a DINK as you did when you were single? Do you save more for your combined future than you did when you were alone and single?

I like that Nick and I don’t have to think twice about taking a trip or spending money on a new HD flat screen television.  I enjoy not having the added cost of children as a monthly expense.

I love the fact that there is someone waiting for me at home after work to share my dreams and goals. I also love the fact that Nick is here to share my financial goals. Nick acts as my financial guardian angel. Whenever I am considering a large purchase I am glad that he is by my side to reassure my decision or steer me in the other direction.

We share everything, including our financial decisions. However, this is not the case for all couples.  My Dad and his (new) finance do not make financial decisions together. Basically, she does whatever she wants, and then she tells him to pay half of the bill. I personally would not be happy with that type of mutual financial responsibility.

When it comes to money management…is your spouse the better half?

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