Weekly Recap: Are You Relocating for a Job?

by Kristina on July 16, 2010 · 0 comments

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I have recently been searching the web for a new job that is more flexible than my current 9-5 in the office.  I have been working in finance for 10 years and I love it.  But, now that I have started my own online based business I need some more flexibility in my day job.  I was just wondering if any of my fellow DINKS are also currently searching the market for a new job?

I am not necessarily hoping to make a career change; I would like to remain in the financial services industry. I am searching for something that is more flexible, so I can dedicate more hours to the growth of my online business.

Here are three major factors that are affecting my job hunt:

  1. Location.  I am currently searching for positions in Montreal (where I currently live), Toronto (my hometown), and New York City (my dream town).
  2. Money.  The annual salary is definitely a deciding factor in my search.  Although I do supplement my income from freelancing and my online business I still need a strong foundation from my full time job.
  3. Flexibility.  The hours of operation are very important to me right now.  I am thinking of going from financial planning to management.  This will increase the flexibility in my working hours; it will also allow me to occasionally work from home.

If you are currently searching for a new position or a new career what are the factors that will influence your decision to relocate? Is money the only important criteria? Or is location also a factor?

Some other factors that we should consider when deciding to relocate:

  1. Tax Rate including state tax, sales tax, and property tax
  2. The cost of living in that location
  3. Price of residential homes
  4. Potential job growth/opportunities in your industry
  5. Crime and Violence Rates
  6. Proximity to your family

Here are some links of cities that have a current hiring job market, as well as top cities to live in the United States:

And some great articles around the ‘net:

Along w/ carnivals we’ve participated in lately:

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