Weekly Recap: Don’t Let a Man Mess with Your Money

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Happy Friday May 21. The topic for the recap this week is the thing that makes us our money…our jobs, and the toxic relationships that we form at our workplace.  It is normal to become attached to people we work with because we spend at least 8 hours a day with them and some of us even more. I have to admit that as I change jobs my group of friends also changes but I have a few good friends from previous employers that I still keep in touch with.

This past week I experienced firsthand just how disastrous it can be for the entire office when the line from office acquaintance to full time lover is crossed.  Alexander is another Financial Planner in the bank where I work.  He is very typical type A male and also very “typical” young professional.  He lives in a $300,000 condo and drives a Mercedes Benz.  Over the past 5 years that I have known him the two girls he dated were exactly the same – tall with long dark hair, approximately a size 0 and both were levels below him.

Office romance is strictly forbidden in the world of banking because we deal with large amounts of cash and who knows what type of fraud or theft could happen when young people are blinded by love.  Alexander’s latest eye candy fling was named Jenny and when he broke up with her in the kitchen at lunch it would be an understatement to say that Jenny was shocked, heartbroken, and completely devastated.

She could not function.  She cried or the rest of the day until she was finally sent home.  For the next two weeks Jenny was a mess. She spent her days yelling at clients and staff about minor things such as scotch tape and not having the PIN to their bank debit card.  When she wasn’t lashing out at clients, Jenny would be roaming the corridor passing by Alex’s office at any chance she could get.  This was not only pathetic but useless because Alex had already moved on.  Jenny was out of control and finally she was fired.

I thought to myself what the hell was she thinking? How could she let her office romance ruin her career…and possibly her mental health? I love my boyfriend Nick and we have been through a lot together over the past 10 years, but I will never let anyone mess with my money! At work we should stay focused and keep our heads on straight because after all we wouldn’t be able to drive our Mercedes Benz and we wouldn’t be able to wear custom made suits if we didn’t have a job. Yes we may be temporarily blinded by love but that shouldn’t hide the dollar signs in our eyes.

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