Recession Teens

by James & Miel on December 29, 2009 · 0 comments

I couldn’t help but follow up to Michael’s last post about the generational impacts of recessions. As personal finance bloggers we get a variety of emails that inspire with different topics. I just got one that linked quite appropriately by suggesting that teens are being impacted by the recession by downloading an extremely popular iPhone app that allows for unlimited free texting.

I personally find this ludicrous. I feel so sorry for teens that must concern themselves with limited texting.

I recall growing up with airtime of up to ten minutes once or twice a week from a rotary dial phone with a long cord next to the front door. I was could make only local calls up to ten minutes a day if I was on good behavior.

I think that kids growing up today with cell phones and non-stop texting will have a difficult time comprehending the finite resources that truly exist in this world, and how spoiled indeed they are to grow up in any American family.

Readers: How do you think gen-text will react to the recession?



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