Holiday Compromises

by James & Miel on December 26, 2009 · 0 comments

So this year we’ve got a unique and busy holiday schedule. This was a result of compromise on both parts to share the holidays together in a way that gave us both what we were looking for out of the holidays.
This resulted in a very expensive and busy holiday schedule. It meant driving up to Pennsylvania to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas day with Miel’s twin sister, family and in-laws, and then leaving before the crack of dawn to fly to the west coast for time with family in Oregon. We’ll log about 50 hours in planes and automobiles in the ten day trip. Makes me ready for a nap just thinking about it.

The trip has been great so far, and it will be good to spend time with families. One of the lessons here is to communicate early about holiday expectations. This isn’t always easy, but it makes planning that much easier.

Readers: What compromises have you made for holiday planning?



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