Price of Gold – Is it worth it?

by Dual Income No Kids on October 6, 2009

With gold prices rising, I’m glad to have laid down the cash for gold in Dubai’s gold souk. What I bought about a year ago has now raised its value by about 25%

We were interested in finding an article in the Wall Street Journal entitled, How Much Suits Gold? Leading Gold Bugs See Prices Tripling Someday, But Others Say its Current Level is About Right.

It looks like the word on the street is that folks aren’t sure what the price of gold should really be set at.

It points to the old legend that an ounce of gold should be approximately the same as a top of the line suit, supposedly dating back to Roman times.

I’m less in favor of gold rings or gold earrings, or the like, but prefer my gold in bars. I’m more of a silver or platinum gal for jewelry.

Readers: Do you own any gold? If so, how much did you buy at, and are you thinking of selling?



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