Our September Net Worth

by James & Miel on September 5, 2009 · 0 comments

We DINKs continue to inch towards $400k. It has been an illusive goal for us for the last two years. We’ve been inching back and forth towards this nice round figure. Given how long it has taken us to inch towards this goal, I’m hoping we’ll be able to propel ourselves towards the half million mark faster than it has taken us to get where we are today.

Today our net worth stands at $381,320

This is up from $358k, just one month ago. While we are still inching towards $400k, we did pause to consider that this is up by $20k in one month. When we look at it that way it feels much better. We are also nearly back up to our net worth high. Hopefully we’ll surpass that in the near future.

The change can largely be attributed to a couple of main things:

1) Several thousand dollars were underestimated last month on Miel’s retirement accounts that she was having trouble accessing on the weekend.

2) Generally our stocks have gone up, rather than down, for a change. Considering that we now have a large chunk in the stock market, this means that when things go up we really see an impact in our net worth.

3) Less spending, to help reach our investment goals. It seems money still flows out far too readily, but we’ve also resisted several larger and smaller purchases that we could have caved in to.

4) Resulting in more investing. We’ve managed to save several chunks of money for investing towards our wealth goals for the year.

It’s not rocket science, but it does take some effort and energy, not to mention a bit of sacrifice. You can check out the details for yourself:



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