Where to Get Into Stocks For No Money

by James & Miel on August 5, 2009 · 0 comments

Well, not no money at all, but you can get in with minimums around $250. Check out these two websites:

1) www.amstock.com

2) www.computershare.com

The great thing about these business is they are geared for smaller DRIP investors so you can buy shares without feeling like a poor chump who has only got $250. Some of the DRIP plans these sites can hook you up are going for very reasonable minimums, some for $100. The Xerox corporation is even offering a minimum of $10.

As always, watch out for fees. They can snatch away the wealth you build up.



P.s. Are these sites better than Sharebuilder? – Yes, my personal experience is they are cheaper and significantly better geared for DRIP investors.

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