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So the latest word on the street these days is that the recession is hitting men with layoffs at a much higher rate than their female counterparts. In fact, a full 82 percent of layoffs during this recession have affected men.

The New York Times article that came out on Monday gives the full detail on their take of the causes of this shift in our employment market. As you can see, women are closing the labor gap and making up more of the job market.

While some might see that women are making gains by taking over the job market, I think it is a nuanced issued. For instance, since women still get paid less on average, this trend may point to the recession taking advantage of this factor.

It also means that women are taking more on their plate, likely without a great deal of relief in other areas of their life. In so many ways, having a spouse unemployed is a drain on the family as a whole.

I don’t know if this shows any good news out there, but it is a sign of the times.

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