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by James & Miel on July 30, 2009 · 0 comments

Hi All,

Its Thursday. I’ve mostly been thinking about criminological theory for the past three days, so our wealth building has pretty much been on autopilot. Here are some brief highlights of what we’ve been doing to improve the bottom line:

1) Purchased an additional blog. We’ve seen strong revenue and traffic growth here at the DINKs, so we’re looking to get some more real estate. We’ll probably follow up on this after the end of the year. The site is debtfreelivingblog.com. Its crap now but we can probably develop it into something good and build some wealth through it.

2) Continued to buy precious metals and savings bonds. This stuff is like crack, I can’t seem to stop buying savings bonds. Seriously, its becoming like a weird compulsion. I’ve even been raiding our change jar to raise enough money to get the minimum of $25 for a series EE bond.

3) Funded Miel’s schwab account. We’ve been dumping the extra money from our blogging activities and Miel’s salary into her investment account at Schwab. We’ll have about $1,400 when a couple of deposits clear. Any thoughts on what to put into it?

Oh yes, just as an aside, 98% of whats online is utter crapola. However, I wanted to draw your attention to a couple of websites about money that are actually pretty good.

1) You might want to check out Andy Jolls’ http://www.videocreditscore.com/. The website name isn’t all that appealing, but there are a number of very good and very short videos on understanding your credit score. It’s worth a visit if you are shopping for a loan and want to get a handle on your FICO.

2) Check out LivingoffDividends.com. The guy who runs the website is a california business student named Nirav. He’s mad busy and doesn’t have a lot of time to blog, which is a shame because he’s made more than $15,000 this year in passive income. Passive like – he doesn’t actually go to a job and work for it – passive. Its happens because he’s got a strong web presence.

Hope all is well. And don’t forget to do something to improve yourself financially today!



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