Miel Buys Netflix & Cisco

by James & Miel on May 4, 2009 · 0 comments

So I finally got around to figuring out what I wanted to buy with my recent ROTH IRA contributions. After looking around at a couple of mutual funds, that are obviously unimpressive these days, I opted for tech stocks. This reflects what our stock buying plan is for 2009. We selected tech stocks, since it seems that people are still using more technology than ever, even in a down market.

Specifically, I split my ROTH IRA contributions in half between Cisco and Netflix.

For Cisco they seem to be holding strong and manage a great deal of the back end of technology. I also read an article back in the fall from Forbes that was talking about their business model and the quality of their management. The details are fuzzy to me now, but they seem to be a solid company that will continue to be in demand. They are also hanging on in this market, so I figure that say something. I think this will be a buy and hold stock, since I’m not expecting this to take off like gang busters.

As for Netflix, it seems they have won the battle of the video market. Going to the video store is just so eighties. Now that the streaming videos have been available, and can go direct to one’s TV, I think that Netflix is only more likely to gain a larger market share. Given how quick technologies change, I’ll keep an eye open to see if their is viable competition that seems likely to boot Netflix out of the running.

I know I could have done more research overall, but I found a couple of good stocks and went for it. Had this purchase been for larger sums of money I would have done more due diligence, but as it was I’m happy to have maxed out my contributions for another year and hope to see my wealth increase from these investments. Wish me luck!



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