Maxed Out

by Dual Income No Kids on May 26, 2009 · 0 comments

I know I’m a little behind the curve for promoting a movie that came out in 2006, but it couldn’t be more reflective of the issues our society is facing than today. I was in grad school back when it first came out, but it was well worth a checking it out on Netflix instant movies.

Maxed Out is a documentary that takes a critical look at both consumer debt and the role that government has played in the build up of American debt. It also touches on our national debt issues that are now finally coming to the forefront after all these years.

You might want to gasp out load at parts as I did, James asking what the latest scandalous thing was about, but it is well worth the watch.

It features one of our favorite economic types, Elizabeth Warren. We are glad to see that she is helping to address this mess that we’ve gotten ourselves in to.

You can also check out the fan club page as well.



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