DC is Looking Good in Hard Times

by James & Miel on April 17, 2009 · 0 comments

Despite the real estate bust, the boom has been good for DC.

I’ve now been in DC for five years, and I can see a marked difference in the city. The city is better. There are more shops, restaurants, spruced up homes, etc. Walking around certain neighborhoods in the city you can’t go one block without noticing a change. It is hard to calculate how much money has been spent improving DC, mostly by private citizens, but you can see that it has paid off.

DC is now much better off than it was five or ten years ago. It also feels like it is prepared to ride out the economic storm and come out on top.

Times may be tough, but the nation’s capital has never looked better. A beacon in the economic storm that is hurting many people’s wealth.

Happy spring at last!


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