Miel Prevails over Comcast – $455 in the green!

by James & Miel on October 9, 2008 · 1 comment

So I have something against spending enormous amounts of money for internet. I additionally despise the lack of choice on the market, so I don’t feel any shame in working the system for the best possible deals. I figure this is my bonus for being willing to give the extra call and ask for more.

I’ve been with comcast since 2003 and have only paid a few months at a non-promotional rate, when I was too lazy to be on top of it. Here are a couple of past posts about saving money by reducing our bill, saving $276. Note that this call was made in June 2006 and it took them until June 2008 to notice and start charging more. This means that it was actually more like double of that anticipated savings.

This time I called because it had been hiked to $42.95, from $19.99, and I wasn’t happy about this. When I logged on to my account it showed that it had been raised again to $57.95 per month!

I first talked to a rep and explained my dissatisfaction. I was told there was only something if I got a bundle offer, which doesn’t work for us since we don’t have TV or phone. I said that I wanted to cancel and was sent to another agent. I again expressed my dissatisfaction and let her know that I’d be interested in their best promotional rate to keep me on as a loyal costumer.

She then let me know that if I got a higher speed of internet I could get a promotional rate of $19.99 for the next year. This means that we’ll get more than double the bandwidth for a third of the price! At that time I’ll either switch speeds or come up with some other promotional rate.

For now this means that I’ve saved another $455 over the next year! Not bad for a five minute call that I’d admittedly been avoiding.



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