Going in Reverse

by Dual Income No Kids on August 21, 2008 · 0 comments

These days the economy seems to be helping to take us in reverse. I’m currently dealing with transferring over my retirement plan to another provider, and frankly glad to have some hope of better performance soon. The change over meant that I checked up on my balances only a couple of days after updating our net worth.

Miraculously I was able to drop five hundred dollars off my account without even having had time to enjoy it. Now I’ve managed to put in $50,000 and have a whopping balance of $50,500. I’m not even keeping up with inflation these days! I’d be better off with a savings bond at that rate.

Hopefully things will pick up with the change in my new retirement fund, but I think for now the economy is likely to just continue to take its tole. I’ll just keep saving and buying while things are low. Hold my breath and hope for the best over time.

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