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We were tipped off a few weeks ago on a recommended finance management software, Moneydance. I checked out their website and then wrote and asked them for a complimentary software license to try out and review for our readers. They were nice enough to oblige and sent us a license key right away.

Their website boasts that the are “The Most Intuitive Personal Finance Software.” I was of course excited to see this in action. I downloaded the software and then started to try and set them up. Initially I was very confused by the format, as when you are first setting up a new account it asks you to plug in the amount in the account – rather than it pulling it from online. Apparently you have to go through an additional step to set it up for online banking.

I then figured out how to set it up, but they didn’t have ING Direct as an option for online banking. Since all of my checking and savings accounts are with ING, I was obviously concerned with it not being there. Considering that ING is a major banking institute, I was surprised at them not being compatible.

It tells you that if your bank isn’t listed that you should write to Moneydance and your banking institute. I did so, and got back this reply from the folks at Moneydance:

ING Direct doesn’t actually use Direct OFX, which is the advanced protocol Moneydance uses to connect to banks.
You can of course download the QIF or QFX files directly from the website, and then import those into Moneydance.”

While apparently it’s ING that doesn’t use the advanced systems of Moneydance, in the end its the same for me. Downloading and importing files does not warrant the most intuitive financial management.

So I guess in the end I’ll have to keep on looking for a viable money management system. I’m just glad I didn’t pay for the software – as I’d then be engaged in a fight for a refund.

Readers: If you have any other suggestions, or comments on your own experience with Moneydance, I’d be happy to hear.



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