Live within your means people!

by James & Miel on July 16, 2008 · 0 comments

I’m leaving Dhaka, Bangladesh today after a month here. Normally I don’t live with a TV, but when staying at hotels for long periods of time I have the chance to check out what the mainstream media is reporting.

On Oprah this morning, there was a piece on living within your means. She had a couple on the show who had $250,000 in debt – $60k in credit card debt & $140 in student loans.

They were pregnant with a baby, meanwhile showing off their closet full of shoes and a flashy car.

The thing is – that make $150k between the two of them.

I am fully aware of how easy it is to slip into credit card if you are out of job, don’t make enough in the first place, etc. I certainly sympathize that it isn’t always easy to do what you know is right.

But, cases like this example, COME ON!!!!! I’m sorry, but my sympathy is limited.

If you have $140k in student loans then you are obviously well educated. In my opinion this should also mean that you are smart enough to know that spending beyond your means is just no way to live.

I know that these extreme cases have to do with other issues such as self-esteem and so forth, but you’ve got to get it under control.

I know that not everyone is interested in saving money as we are, but most people can manage to live within their means if they make an effort.

The thing that kills me, is that these folks aren’t alone. There are many others like then in the states. I don’t know what their wake-up call will be, but I suppose they are adults that will have to face the consequences eventually.



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