Cheap Pearls

by James & Miel on July 12, 2008 · 0 comments

I’m an advocate for minimalism when it comes to buying extras, particularly when it comes to cheesy souvenirs. I however, am also in love with pearls. I’m a Gemini at heart.

Here in Bangladesh there happen to be very high quality and inexpensive pearls. You can buy a nice basic set for around five bucks.

In the end I couldn’t help it and bought a number of sets for taking back to family in Oregon. I also found some incredible strands of sapphires and rubies as well.

Even though I spent a bit on gifts, and for myself as well, I still kept in mind only buying specific pieces for specific people in mind. This helps to avoid just buying for the sake of buying when it’s cheap. I did throw in a few sets of pearl earrings, at a dollar a pair, just to play it safe in case I forgot someone. In the end the merchant threw these in for free anyway.

Considering I haven’t bought any souvenirs during my past year abroad, I think it is money well spent. I’ll also be getting bonus points for remembering my grandmother’s upcoming 20th wedding anniversary and keeping my twin sis’ Birthday in mind.

Best of all, I also bought three different unique sets of pearls for myself, meaning that I won’t be left wanting for pearls. All together I still spent less for everything then I would have on one set at home.



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