Budgeting for a Home Visit

by James & Miel on July 12, 2008 · 0 comments

James’ mom Carol grew up in New York City with a father whose philosophy was that leaving the house equaled spending money. While given my lifestyle it’s quite apparent that I’m not one for staying in the house, I can’t disagree with this sentiment. This is particularly the case these days with increasing prices.

For us this also includes spending more just to go home. We head to Oregon next week, and while it will be a great savings in comparison to meeting somewhere else in the world, it will still cost us.

We are lucky that in the end James’ moms saved us from having to rent a car by offering up their Eurovan camper named Lilly. This means that while we’ll have to pay a bit more in gas prices, we won’t have to pay for a rental car or hotels. Best of all it means that we’ll have flexibility to go where we like and camp along the way.

Even with these reduced savings it still adds up. I just did a quick budget for our ten day trip and it looks like we should expect be shelling out around a grand – even with staying with family and having many meals at home.

In addition to what we expect to pay, I had to shell out around $1,600 for a ticket and had $700 of that reimbursed. Luckily I got James ticket for five bucks and 25,000 in frequent flyer miles.

While we’ve budgeted for these expenses we’ll certainly be leaking money even if we make an effort to keep things on the frugal side. Though we would like to avoid leaking money like a sieve, we are also very much looking forward to seeing each other as well. In the end it will be worth it.

Looking forward to it!


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