Praying for Prosperity

by Dual Income No Kids on May 25, 2008 · 0 comments

We DINKs don’t often get religious on you, but I thought folks would enjoy hearing about my adventures today. We went to a mountaintop Buddhist temple that is most commonly visited when seeking wealth and prosperity. I of course put our latest goals out there into the universe for all the help we can get!

It was a fun and interesting day, particularly visiting such a site with a group of inquisitive Afghan Muslims. They were intrigued by it all and open to learning more.

Reflecting on the day, nearly reclining myself, it reminds me that your mind is your most potent resource in acquiring wealth. No matter your religious beliefs or cultural background, I believe that your mental outlook on life makes such a difference.

Believe in yourself and your dreams and there are no limits to what you are capable of.


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