How much is enough?

by James & Miel on March 11, 2008 · 0 comments

Clearly we humans have an issue with never having enough, Americans in particular.

Wealth and abundance is such a very relative feeling. Working hard to achieve our goals, related to paying off our second mortgage, I am reminded of the relative feeling of prosperity I felt as a Peace Corps Volunteer making $85 a month.

Then I thought that my $5k in the bank when I returned from service was a goldmine in comparison to my friends who had stayed stateside and had that much in debt, while simultaneously being deprived of sunlight in the cube farm.

Now the $5k increase in our net worth initially looked like a paltry progress towards our long term goals.

I’ve decided it’s enough of that. We need to work less and feel more abundant with what we enjoy right now. Not judging from what we’ve had, or what we hope to have, but the here and now.

By feeling prosperous in the now, I believe that will better enable us to reach our goals in the long term. Better to honor what we have than to fight for more.

While this is a more personal posting, I believe that we can all learn from ourselves in where we feel prosperous and how we appreciate what we have.

Thanks for all.


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