Fighting Wamu

by James & Miel on March 21, 2008 · 0 comments

Lesson of the day: Don’t mess with Miel.

People who know me would likely say that I can deal with just about anything without getting too upset about things. After all, I do live in Afghanistan and deal with frequent travel and other stressful situations.

Getting screwed by WaMu is where I draw the line.

As regular readers know, our current finance goal is paying off our second mortgage with WaMu. This has to do with putting money on our highest debt, but it is also because we are tired of dealing with WaMu’s crap.

The main issue that we are dealing with now is that WaMu has repeatedly applied the funds sent in for our second mortgage to our first mortgage instead. In each case the canceled check clearly shows that the payment was intended for the second mortgage. To learn about other reasons why WaMu sucks, check out past postings.

The first time this happened was back in July, and I only called about a dozen times and in the end they still didn’t reverse the payment and apply it to the correct account. I’ve been disputing two payments where the same happened back in December, and it happened again this week.

I did two things about this. First, I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, as it is not appropriate for them to apply the payment to the wrong mortgage. Second, I gave them another friendly call and now have their word that they will apply all four payments retro to the date the payment was initially intended to be made.

They tried to pull the whole, “I’m sorry, but one leg can’t actually talk to the other leg” game. I was having nothing to do with that story. I nicely made it clear that I wasn’t dealing with their games and managed to get someone who actually made an effort.

Now I’m happy to say that it looks like we’ll have our second mortgage with WaMu taken care of sooner that we had thought.

With the four payments, totaling $2,750, and the $9,000 payment we are making from the interest free credit card that we just got, we will only have $3,177 to pay off before we don’t have to deal with the darn thing again. Sure we’ll still have to pay off the $9k on the credit card, but I’m so much happier doing that than giving WaMu another dime in interest.



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