10 Ideas that are Changing the World

by Dual Income No Kids on March 23, 2008 · 0 comments

Happy Slow Sunday!

I just wanted to share an interesting article from Time magazine about the Ten Ideas that are Changing the World.

Many of of the ideas are interesting, but the ones that are most pertinent to DINKs are:

The New Austerity – The article claims that folks will start trimming the fat and living within their means. While James & I would like to advocate for this, we don’t know if we’ve seen the same trend through our blogging. Our experience is that our postings on credit cards create much more discussion than savings or stock market investments. This suggests more people are familiar with borrowing using credit cards than investing in the stock market or saving money.

Common Wealth
– This article is all about how will will have to learn to live together in a global economy.

Check out the full list here:
Common Wealth
The End of Customer Service
The Post-Movie-Star Era
Reverse Radicalism
Kitchen Chemistry
Synthetic Authenticity
The New Austerity
Mandatory Health
Re-Judaizing Jesus



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