Heading to Switzerland

by Dual Income No Kids on February 7, 2008 · 0 comments

Hi All,

Just wanted to do a quick posting to update our readers on whats going on. For the next couple of weeks Miel and I will be writing from Switzerland! When we first thought about the prospect of having a long distance marriage we both recognized the need to see each other frequently.

From a strictly financial point of view, vacations in Switzerland don’t make a whole lot of sense. It makes less sense given the weakening US dollar and the current timing in the middle of my academic semester. However, its important to balance our financial goals with the opportunity to see each other again – its difficult to hold down a marriage without this kind of healthy contact. So, even though its going to be hard on our pocketbooks, it makes sense to go to somewhere picturesque like Switzerland where we can reconnect away from our respective busy lives.

So, even though its not the greatest from a strictly financial standpoint, going to Switzerland like its a good investment in keeping our relationship emotionally healthy. Mostly I’m just happy to see my wife again.



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