Bullet Proof Couture

by Dual Income No Kids on October 20, 2007 · 0 comments

I thought I’d follow up on our post from a couple of months ago as I was preparing to head to Afghanistan. We were having a family discussion about whether or not to buy me a bullet-proof vest. After being here for a month it feels like a kevlar vest would be about as practical as wearing one on my nights walking the streets of DC. Kabul feels much safer than I would have imagined before heading out here.

Aside from letting folks know the safety conditions of Kabul, I wanted to share an article from the BBC about a tailor in Colombia that has made the best out of living in danger places of the world. Miguel Caballero recognized a demand for well couture protection. He even won the 2006 Innovation Award.

I find Mr. Caballero’s story to be a silver lining found in a place that has had to endure a great deal of violence over the past decade. A true entrepreneur, well done!


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