How do you stack up?

by Dual Income No Kids on July 22, 2007 · 0 comments

How do DINKs stack up in the personal finance world?

Given our recent financial goal, to reach $400k by the end of the year, I was curious to see where we stack up against others.

Call me naive, but I never imagined that the median net worth would be as low as it is. The good news is that median net worth is on the rise, but the bad news is that the chart at the left is an improvement from where the nation was in 1998.

I also came across an interesting tidbit from the 2000 US census showing that married couples had a much higher net worth than singles of the same age. Married couples had a median net worth of $91,218, whereas single males had $24,659 and single female households had $23,028. I know that for James and I that there has definitely been a spike in what we can accomplish together rather than apart.

More applicable, I was able to find this chart on the overall nest egg savings of American households. Keep in mind that it says home equity is not included in these numbers. Thus it is a bit harder to figure out where we fit in the scale of things.

One way or another, we certainly have a passing grade. That feels like a pretty good reward for our efforts to provide ourselves with a solid financial base.

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