6 More Ways to Save Money

by James & Miel on July 20, 2007 · 0 comments

In honor of the continual search to find more ways to save money, here are a few more tips on saving money.

Bring your lunch and snacks – I agree with one of our readers that bringing your lunch to work is a great way to save money. If you aren’t one for making sandwiches in the morning, plan your dinners so you have leftovers for lunch. If you still prefer to eat out for lunch, consider bringing healthy snacks. Starting your week with a pile of fresh fruit, nuts and snacks will save you from spending more at the vending machine for a less healthy snack. If you drink sodas at the office you might want to consider buying a case and bringing it to the office. Chances are you’ll be paying a lot less per can.

Plan your shopping for sale time – We all know that sales are out there just to make you buy more stuff. At the same time, there are times in life when we need that stuff. Plan ahead and consider what your needs might be and buy items when they are on sale. This might mean waiting to buy sheets until an annual white sale, or saving shopping on clothes until a back to school day with no tax if you are lucky. Your money will be able to spread further, but make sure you bring a budget and don’t buy it just because it is on sale.

Buy a smaller size – Before you order something, consider what you really need. For example, at Starbucks switch from grande to tall, you’ll be saving a mint and consuming less calories. Chances are you could go without the 64 oz soda as well. Just because it is marginally more for the large doesn’t mean you should super size it. Both your pocket book and your waistline will thank you.

Skip the extras – Along the same lines as above, at dinner consider if you really need an appetizer and dessert. You can shave off a lot by opting out on the extras. Chances are you could be spending nearly as much on extras as you are on the main meal.

Google for discounts – It is easier than you think to find good coupons online. If I’m buying something online I always google to try to find a promotional code. Sometimes I’ve found 20% for first time buyers and often free shipping.

Compare Prices – I know it takes a bit more of your precious time, but shopping around can make a significant difference. When doing so, think about what your options are, and what how you might be able to get more from less. For instance, check travel dates that a flexible if you can manage it. Check around for sales or something you might like better, you never know.

Happy saving!


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