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by Dual Income No Kids on June 7, 2007 · 0 comments

Hi All,

A while back we blogged about a couple of websites that have free on-line streaming movies. Well, as part of our mission to provide our readers with the best in free and legal on-line entertainment, we found another site that also provides free and legal movies.

The site is called Like Television…only better.

According to them, the movies are licensed to be streamed by the general public. The only problem is that most of the films are pretty old. That said, just because something is old, doesn’t mean its not good. For example, films like the World War II flick “A Walk In the Sun” and the Kurosawa classic “Yojimbo” are well worth watching.

The best part about it, you don’t have to sign up for a thing, just grab some popcorn and select the movie you want!



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