Go Green & Save!

by James & Miel on June 29, 2007 · 0 comments

We all know that going green will help the planet, but it can also be a way to keep more green in your pocket. Here are some simple tips that we’ve done to save money by going green:

  • Unplug electronics when you aren’t using them
  • Bring your own bag to the store and save five cents
  • Ditch the car
  • Take the metro/bus
  • Don’t let the sink run when washing the dishes or brushing teeth
  • Wash clothes in cold water
  • Get a library card
  • Shut computer down when you leave work – especially on Friday
  • Sign up for online billing and banking and opt out for paper
  • Replace light bulbs with fluorescent ones
  • Conserve energy by using power strips (many electronics suck power even when off – but power strips in the off position don’t)
  • Don’t charge you cell phone over night – this is better on the battery as well
  • Fill up your freezer, since the fuller it is, the less energy it uses to keep food frozen
  • Pre-wash dishes on if you have to (which isn’t very often in our house!)
  • Use craigslist
  • Use A/C and heat less
  • Use an appropriate blanket to need less A/C or heat
  • Use energy drying on your dishwasher
  • Reduce clutter – simple living
  • Close closets and bathrooms so heat or A/C doesn’t have to go as far
  • Don’t use your fireplace – since they use more energy than they produce

These are just a few things that we’ve done to save money and the earth. We will continue to post from time to time as we take on more ways to challenge ourselves. One of the best things you can do is to encourage others to follow suit. Have a great day! Miel

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